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Head shot of Ijeoma Oluo

A Conversation with Ijeoma Oluo

Oct. 30: SIS professor Malini Ranganathan will speak with New York Times bestselling author Ijeoma Oluo. 

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Rhonda Hamilton, Adrienne Hollis, Malini Ranganathan, Vernice Miller-Travis, and Jacqui Patterson

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SIS Climate Justice Event Oct. 22 Will Feature Five Women Leaders

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A padlock with an American flag design secures a computer keyboard, symbolizing national security.

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How Vulnerable Is the US Presidential Election to Foreign Interference?

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Rohingya refugees in refugee camp in Bangladesh.

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What Motivated Bangladesh to Open Up Its Borders to Over a Million Rohingya Refugees

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Listen now to the latest episode: Can US Policing Be Redeemed?

Empowering Communities to Make Sustainable Changes

Professor Paul Wapner changed my whole perspective on environmentalism.

In the NRSD program, the conversations that came out of Professor Paul Wapner's course really gave me the sense that we are at an inflection point—we have to do something about climate change. At RE-volv, when we empower people in their community to come together to help a local nonprofit [go solar], you can see the result. Citizens need to be able to take action that feels like they're having an impact. Learn more about Karelas' career in combatting climate change, his book, and his time at SIS.

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