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Advisors & Appointments

CAS Advising Team

Make 30-minute appointments through our 24-hour scheduler for

  • Registration planning/clearance or references/recommendations
  • Choice of major(s), study abroad, internship, or independent studies
  • Academic program planning; planning for graduation
  • Probation or taking a leave of absence/ returning after an absence

Make an Appointment

9:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday, except on university holidays.

At American University, undergraduate academic advising is a collaborative and purposeful partnership between advisors, the AU community, and students. Approached from a holistic perspective, this process considers and respects students' diverse backgrounds, interests, and abilities. Academic advisors facilitate the identification and achievement of the student's educational and professional goals.

Our mission is to provide thorough and accurate academic advising to the students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences, to assist them in the selection of a relevant, stimulating and challenging course of study and guide them toward choices that will make them better students and better citizens.

Undergraduate Academic Advising at American University models best practices for professionalism, collaboratively supports student development, and fosters an environment of student accountability and engagement.

For the first two weeks of every semester, we hold drop-in advising appointments. After the first two weeks, each advisor holds weekly drop-in hours and they are handled on a first come/first served basis. Drop-in advising only focuses on one issue and are limited to 15 minutes. Drop-in advising is appropriate for:

  • Emergency affecting academic progress
  • Withdrawal from AU
  • Late actions concerning registration deadlines
  • Signatures on forms
  • Registration stops
  • Degree audit issues/ graduation clearance
  • Sharing positive academic news

Students needing the Dean's signature should contact their Academic Advisor for fastest processing.

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